Our New Artisanal Market from Handpicked By PC!


Here we go! The second artisanal market is in full swing now. The first show last Saturday started on a very warm February sun - unusually warm actually. February is not a month to shed warm clothing. We've participated at the DLF Horizon Market for 2 seasons now and know what it means to start off a new market. Puneeta's perseverance pays off - everytime, hands down!

The DLF Avenue market will be no different. In fact we found a whole new bunch of visitors eager to experience something new, something different. Even the owners of DLF showed up - of course when it wan't burning up. There's almost everything from all parts of our country that demands attention. From mushrooms, honey, pickles, dairy, bakes to live cooking from home-kitchens across the country to pottery and art, the atmosphere is quite laid back and alive.

Our cheese found special attention from all visitors. In fact we registered a near sell-out event. We are truly overwhelmed by the diverse palate we Indians possess. We will definitely continue our presence every week and hope to see you there too. Do visit. You won't be disappointed.

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  • A great discovery in Delhi! For all those in search of Western flavors, at Kumaoni they know how to make cheese.
    I personally enjoyed the most their Brie and the porcini spread. I look forward to taste the tomini and the Camembert. It’s a great opportunity for us to come and see you at the Saturday market in DLF, thank you so much for bringing France and Italy to New Delhi, as well as your precious organic rice and the fruit jams from the mountains, THANK YOU

    Arianna Savona

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