About Us

The concept was thought out during one of our fishing trips. A bunch of friends, fired up evenings and all those fishy stories did have a point. Being in the back of beyond, after a hard day's hiking and fishing, food did bring a smile to our faces. That instinct and a passion for good life set us up for a committed path to bringing the goodness from our mountains for people all over. We are avid anglers, friends and adventure seekers. We love meeting people and see them smile while hearing all kinds of stories. Join us and plate some great food into your lives. Get Into The Cloud!

A lot of folks ask us about our name and how we conceived it, why Kumaoni and why not Himachali...and so on. It's simple, my brother came up up with the name and we went to seek the blessings of the most famous deity in the Kumaon Region - Golu Devta!


Kumaoni Devta

Temple of Golu Devta - Chitai