As the winter season receded, we kind of planned for a lean period for making cheese. We could not have been more wrong. Definitely bad planning. Our friend Roger (French Farm) said "Guys sleeping? You can't enter a war without ammo!".

In the sudden shock of a complete shutdown, we saw people rushing to buy food, water and other essentials. Cheese? No way. And then, a week into the shutdown, the flood came. Totally inundated by requests for our cheese and jams - we've been overwhelmed. After a bit of a struggle to get one of those Curfew Passes, life did get a bit simpler. Deliveries started and we try to restrict the delivery days to once or twice a week. Our sales partners - Steakhouse (Jorbagh), Artisanal Collective (NOIDA), French Farm -  definitely help a lot. It's the embassies that order direct and they have been spreading the word. We definitely have a growing audience and people have varied preferences.

We have now covered almost all categories of cheeses. There's the  semi-hard (Formaggio º3), Semi-Soft (Fromage º6), Soft (Fromage º5) and the Fresh Cheeses. Now the real challenge is distribution and production. Here begins our uphill climb and we have no clue how this is going to scale up. Any ideas? 

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